Boulder Phil in D.C., episode II

“A great sense of pride in representing our hometown”—Michael Butterman

By Peter Alexander


Boulder Philharmonic warming up on the Kennedy Center stage (March 28)

Michael Butterman, music director of the Boulder Philharmonic, reported his thoughts late last night (March 28), after the orchestra’s concert in the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C, where they were playing as part of the inaugural Shift Festival of American Orchestras.

“It was a peak experience for me, and, I think, for all of us at the Phil,” he wrote. “I have conducted quite a number of concerts on that stage, but to be there with our orchestra, with that crowd and with that repertoire—it was something I shall never forget.

“More than anything, we had a great sense of pride in representing our hometown.  The audience seemed to absolutely love every piece, and got a real taste of how deeply we value the natural world.”


Michael Butterman (r) performs in front of the Jefferson Memorial with violinist Jennifer Carsillo (l) (March 29)

Butterman and others who attended the concert have reported that the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, with a capacity of 2,155, was full last night, and that the audience response was more than enthusiastic. “There was incredible energy from the crowd,” Butterman wrote.

“It felt like a pep rally. The orchestra sounded like a million bucks—they were in top form and clearly gave it their all in terms of concentration and focus.”

In a Facebook posting, Boulder Phil executive director Kevin Shuck wrote, “No words. Boulder Phil and [Boulder’s] Frequent Flyers bring down the (PACKED) house at the Kennedy Center!”

Today (March 29), small ensembles from the Boulder Phil performed “pop-up concerts” at various locations around Washington’s Tidal Basin.

On Monday (March 27), Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks naturalist Dave Sutherland led guided musical hikes in Rock Creek Park, similar to the musical hikes he has presented in connection with Boulder Phil concerts in recent seasons.


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